Saturday, May 22, 2010

small changes... HUGE DIFFERENCE

Well, last time I was off to get me a big ol' steak. I ended up eating about a pound... that's right a POUND, 16 OUNCES of steak tips. That was Wednesday night and I feel grrrrreat.

After surfing the web and looking at a million different sites about how much protien I need, I found that I was lacking by a LOT. Correction, the new me was lacking, the old couch potato me was right on target. As the exercise was increasing I was getting more and more tired because I was't fueling my body with the right things. Thursday I started tracking my protein intake to make sure I get enough. One problem that I see is that the increase in protein means an increase in calories as well. This worries me so I think I may try some Energizing Soy Protein. It's a powder and unflavored so I can add it to whatever I'm cooking. It's approximately 80 calories per 16 grams of protein so not too bad. It will be here in about a week so once I try it out, I'll let know what I think.

The other small change is how I drink water. I was drinking it (approx 36 ounces) after I worked out on my ride home. It takes about a hour and drinking it in the car gives me something to do. It also, I just found out, gives me enough time to get home before the bladder explosion. If traffic was stop and go, I'd be falling a sleep while driving... never a good thing. Once home, I was exhausted and just wanted to take a nap.

Wednesday I started drinking performance (electrolyte replacement) while working out. I only use one serving and just keep adding water. I drank about 30 ounces of water/performance and felt pretty damn good once I was done. Traffic was horrible and it took a little over an hour and half to get home but I was wide awake. The one draw back to drinking water while working out is that the bladder is ready to explode LONG before I make it home. Good thing for Chinese Restaurants because that is where I pulled in and wiggled my way to the skirt lady... just barely made it... phewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

All in all, I am feeling great because of these two little changes, more protein and replacing my electrolytes while I exercise. We all need to remember that everybody is different. If you're not feeling like you think you should then figure out why. Your body wants to feel good so if it's not then it's telling you that something is wrong and needs to change. Most of the time, small changes will make a huge difference. Learn to listen to your body. And of course, check with your Doctor just to make sure there isn't anything more serious that needs to be attended to.

It's amazing how much I'm learning on my adventure. Sure it's hard work sometimes but it's definitely worth it when you start feeling like you can do anything!

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