Sunday, May 23, 2010

what's up with the gain?

Over the past week I have gained a little each day, even my waist and hip measurements have gone up slightly. Don't you just hate weeks like that. One thing I learned from all those years at Weight Watchers is that what happens this week may not be a direct relation to what I did this week. Sometimes the damage is a result of what I did or didn't do a couple of weeks ago.

Good thing the weather is good because that is what is keeping me positive at this point. And lets be honest, I'm not as good with watching what I eat as I pretend to be. One big problem is that lately I've been eating dinner around 8pm which is pretty late for me.

I was reading yesterday's Gloucester Times this morning and saw that RUN GLOUCESTER, a new 7 mile road race, is having it's first run this August. It made me think that since I'm feeling better, I need to start the C25K again. With my new knowledge of hydrating WHILE working out and added protein, maybe I can get further along with the program. I'm not saying that I'm running in the RUN GLOUCESTER, at least not this year but I have always dreamt about running a road race. I would like to say I ran at least one road race before I die.

Had coffee with the girls yesterday. My schedule has been a little crazy lately so I haven't seen them for a while. A couple of them were talking about getting thier bikes out and start riding now that the nice weather is here. They invited me along. I told them to give me another month to continue to build up my strength and endurance. That lines up with when my strenght training will end. CONFESSION: I bought a bike about 5-6 years ago and have never riden it. It's in the storage unit and everytime I see it I think, this year I'm going to get it out. Now I need to pull it out, check it over and do some maintainence to make sure it's in running condition. Maybe I'll even go for a quick ride before joining the girls, just to make sure I can do it. My fear is that with all the hills in Gloucester, I won't be able to get anywhere because I won't be able to make it up the hills.

As with all my fears lately, I just need to face them and figure out how to conquer. As long as I keep moving and eating healthier I should see improvement sooner or later.

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