Monday, May 10, 2010

Taxes and weight loss?

Never thought those two would be connected but they are. Here it is, May 10th and I am once again last minute with my taxes. Certain counties in MA recieved an extension until May 11th or 12th (don't really remember) so of course, I delayed doing mine. I have to admit, I love TurboTax software. Doing taxes with the software is actually pretty easy, it's the prep work that stinks! Just like weight loss, you need to plan and prep. If you prep some healthy snacks, it saves you from grabbing that goey, messy, sugarary, fattening filled goodie.

Last minute Annie, that's me. I keep saying I want to get more organized but I don't think I know how to. At least not on a consistant basis. Are you one, or have you ever heard of those people who take one day a week and cook their meals for the week? How cool would that be to come home after a long day, pull something out of the fridge and just heat it up. Wouldn't everyone love that? No more pouring cereal in the bowl with the milk because you're just too tired to make anything better. I can't tell you how many peanut butter sandwiches I've had for dinner or my all time favorite... A PINT OF ICE CREAM! I know, I know, not the best or even in the top 10 best choices but it happens.

Maybe I'll start small and deal with prepping snacks for easy grabbing. I brought a bag of pretzels with me last week to work. I actually thought I could portion them out and be good. I did portion them out correctly, I just did it several times in one day. Obviously I'm not very good with self control. This week, I'll put them in little baggies and only take one to work with me. That way, I'll only be able to eat one portion. Once I get that conquered, I'll try doing a few meals... maybe.

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