Friday, April 23, 2010

Annie lost her Groove

Last week I was in a definite funk. I don't know if it was the weather, something I ate, something someone said,... who knows. I didn't feel good, I was tired, blah and just wanted to eat all things unhealthy. I went to exercise class last Friday and was so tired that I really didn't want to be there. I went and did my work out, had a meeting at Panera. Not a good place for a meeting because I ended up eating a sandwich that I really didn't need and really wasn't hungry for. Got home and was exhausted.

This went on for about a week. If it weren't for a great group of ladies that I share a conference call with, I may still be looking for my groove. We talk once a week on Tuesday nights. We are a group of women all participating in the same weight loss program. Tuesday night we talk about how the week went, any issues or problems anyone had, sometimes we talk about new goals people have set or new recipes. What we talk about isn't important, it's more about a group of people all trying to support one another. I think that call helped me to get my mind clear again.

I may never know what triggered this funk but I am hoping to be more aware the next time it happens. Once I realize that I'm heading that way again, I need to record what is going on, what I'm eating, the weather, time of year, what conversations and people have I been around. i honestly don't know at this point if it was a specific thing or maybe a couple of things that happened at the same time. For all I know, I may go through this every Spring. I don't mind being in a funk, it happens to everyone, I just want to be aware so that I can get out of it as soon as possible. My biggest concern with this is that it goes on for weeks and ruins months of hard work.

I found my groove this week, thankfully! I definitely feel a shift is happening. Difficult to explain but I feel as though I am going through some sort of transition that will bring me to a better understanding. Understanding of what, I'm not sure... should be interesting.

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