Wednesday, April 14, 2010

exhileration or tiredness

Hello All!

I feel great today! Went to exercise class and increased all the weights except for the ABOMINATOR (I'll be discussing this horrible machine later). I went on the recumbant bike for 17 minutes and was sweating pretty good by the time I left. Since muscle recovery is important after working out, I drank my protein drink in the car along with a 20oz bottle of water. As you can see, I was thirsty! Rolled the windows down and drove to work. Such a beautiful day and lots of fresh air.

Make it to the office, sit down and I was ready for a It's amazing how quickly things can change. Did some work, took an energy chew and I felt great again. Almost wished I was home so I could have done the treadmill. Felt really good teaching class then home and I still had energy. Did all the normal stuff, walked the dog, fed him and the cats, made dinner for Mom and I and then sat down to watch a little TV. I'm getting tired but a good tired. I just can't get over how good I feel overall since I started exercising.

So, the ABOMINATOR, it's a crunch machine. A crunch as is the exercise that really works your abs. I started a couple of days ago at 10 pounds (the lowest weight) and I'm still there. The first day I barely got 12 done and my form was horrible. Today was the third day I'be been doing them and I think I'm doing much better. Completed the 12 with good form. I think I'm better off leaving it at the 10 pounds for another class or two before moving it up to 15 pounds. I feel like a weakling when I do this machine, especially when I see a couple of women about 20 years older than I am and they are doing more weight than I am. I'll get there, I just need to keep at it.

Everything went well today, no cravings, no closet eating, just a really good day. I know not everyday will be like this but at least when i have a bad day, I can remember this day and know that everything can go well.

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